Friday, June 29, 2007

VIDEO: June 27th ICCA Conference Presentation

On June 27, 2007, at the International Center for Corporate Accountability's "Globalization and the Good Corporation" conference, I presented on "How the UN Global Compact Can Transform the Global CSR/Sustainability Movement". While what I said was not videotaped, I have produced a narrated video of my presentation slides which you can watch below. In this presentation, I show how the global CSR movement can transform itself from a movement rooted in responding to outside demands of others to a creative, proactive movement which gives its stakeholders something they don't know they can have: a vision and a realizable strategy for achieving global peace, prosperity, and security for all. In honor of the global innovation best-seller, I call this a Blue Ocean Strategy for the global CSR movement.

Part One introduces the concept of an innovation and "whole system"-focused strategic approach for the global CSR movement, one that leverages the fact that The Global Compact's Performance Model focuses on how the management sciences enable us to be effective in achieving what we want to achieve.

Part Two explores the innovative, design-oriented thinking of our friends in the sustainability science movement. It recommends that the entire CSR community champion this movement's leading thinkers, so as to expose our stakeholders to what it means to "thinking differently". It ends with an answer to the question "What macro, global system needs to be redesigned by the CSR community?" and mentions who in our movement is already working with the generalized answer to this question.

Part Three covers the contribution that the USA Network of The Global Compact can make to this transformation, if it outreaches to that part of the American business community that is uniquely capable of communicating the vision driving this transformation to the public-at-large.